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Hamburger from the Movida bar, 41 quai des états-unis 06300 Nice.


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Today we will explain you step by step how to prepare a good hamburger! We will also go back to the origin of this sandwich for your culinary culture pleasure.

When you bite into a juicy burger, do you ever wonder whose idea it was to create this delicious wonder? Well, just for you we went in search of the long history of the most famous sandwich in the world (behind the Pan Bagna of course! 😂). But above all, we went in search of the inventor of the Hamburger. Was he American? Was he German? Where does the Hamburger come from... Here we go!


The hamburger originated in the 13th century under the Mongolian empire. An empire that stretched between Southeast Asia and Eastern Europe. The population was mainly composed of horse fighters who traveled great distances between battles without ever having the time to really have a long and good meal. The fighters used to put a piece of raw meat between the saddle and the horse. With time and the friction of the leather and hair, the meat could be eaten raw. Although very primitive, this piece of transportable meat to be eaten quickly is the origin of the hamburger we know today, often associated with fast food.

The idea of a flat piece of meat was then taken up in Russia. They were initiated when Mongolian fighters arrived in Moscow. For taste, onion and egg were added, which created the steak tartare in Russia. Russians called the Mongols "Tartars".

Later, around 1600, steak tartare was exported from Russia to Western Europe. Specifically Hamburg, Germany, which was an important port city. However, the people of Hamburg were not so wild and decided to cook the meat lightly. This gave birth to the different types of cooking that we know today. This preparation became known outside the city limits as "Hamburg steak". This name was later simplified to "hamburger".

According to a large majority of Americans, the history of the modern hamburger only really began when German immigrants exported the dish to the United States!

At that time, this dish was not yet in its modern form. The salted ground beef was lightly smoked and there were still breadcrumbs and coarse onions. However, this changed between 1885 and 1904. How and by whom exactly will remain a mystery. It is generally accepted that customers ordered the "Hamburg Style" steak, but did not have time and wanted to eat it on the way. The chef of the restaurant would have flattened the steak to reduce the cooking time and then took two pieces of bread to squeeze the steak and eat it with his hands.

Today, with the arrival of Fast Food in the 20th century, the Hamburger has evolved a lot, sometimes losing its original piece of meat. Chicken, fish, vegetarian variants, today the dish that was served to Mongolian warriors has become a sandwich synonymous with pleasure for all.
So we share with you our version of the Hamburger that you can enjoy at La Movida in Nice!


  • Bun's Bread
  • Red onions
  • Tomatoes
  • Nice piece of breaded chicken
  • Fried onions


  • Cut out the Bun's bread
  • Start by frying the chicken piece
  • Spread the Guacamole on the top of the bread
  • Place the tomatoes, onion wheels and fried onions on the bottom part of the bread
  • Place the cooked chicken piece on the table
  • Close the bread and enjoy

For your health, avoid eating too much fat, too much sugar or too much salt.

La Movida Bar in Nice, team, cheers to you.

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